April 3rd, 2011
by Iyad Hajjaj

....                   COMEDY REEL                                                DRAMA REEL                                    لقطات بالعربية ARABIC REEL
- Won Best Supporting Actor at the 168 Film project 2012 
- Guest Starred on FOX TV show  (watch Reel) —>TOUCH  starring Starring Kiefer Sutherland  Directed by Milan Cheylov
- Worked on Feature film THUNDER RUN Starring GERARD BUTLER, Directed By Simon West and casted by Anne McCarthy.
- Interviewed by NAJWA SHAMUN for “WOMAN N” Magazine اياد حجاج ممثل ومخرج فلسطيني في هوليود
- Written, Produced, Directed and Starred short film NOT IN MY BACKYARD ..  Official Selection Temecula Valley  film Festival TVIFF 2011.